Melbourne is located in South Australia Victoria. Melbourne is located on the shores of Port Phillip Bay, and the terrain is like an unfolding fan. It has more than 4 million inhabitants living here. And it is often among the best in the world’s best residential city elections. Melbourne’s history can be traced back to In 1835, on the Yarra River. The discovery of the gold mine made the city from a remote village It has become the world’s leading affluent city. Decades of prosperity have made Melbourne a cosmopolitan city. It is also full of large metropolitan buildings, churches, theatres and parks.

Stroll along the wide boulevards of Collins and Burke. You’ll see old-fashioned buildings that are breathtaking and beautiful. Melbourne’s streetcar network is the largest in the world. Take the tram and continue exploring this elegant city. Count the best attractions in Melbourne, There must be no denying that it is Federation Square. Federation Square is located at Flinders Street Station and St Paul’s Cathedral. Exudes the best features of Melbourne, Combining modern fashion design with the elegance of the old times, the style is artistic. When you come to Federation Square, Buy a ticket to visit the Australian Center of the Moving Image. This is one of the most popular museums in Melbourne. Here you can learn about Australia’s most colorful cinema history. And you can explore the interactive elements of the future. Also, don’t forget to visit the Melbourne Visitor Center at the basement.

Learn about the latest news and travel tips in Melbourne. Southbank is located across the Yarra River. Come here to see the public art, enjoy shopping and taste the delicacies. Or enjoy the amazing view of the Yarra River flowing slowly with the locals. On the South Bank, you can go Eureka Tower takes the elevator straight up to the 88th floor. The building was named after the 18th century miners’ rebellion. From the observation deck, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the city and definitely return the fare.

Nearby National Gallery of Victoria It’s equally amazing, The ceiling is designed in stained glass and has a lot of art. In Melbourne, outstanding paintings are not only collected in art galleries. Melbourne is listed alongside New York and Berlin The world’s street art capital. Walk into the narrow alley of Hengjie. You will find a lot of street art enthusiasts from all over the world.

You can even see artists paint brilliant masterpieces. If you want to use a scent to compare Melbourne, the aroma of non-roasted coffee beans is none other than it! In Melbourne, fragrant coffee, food and fashion are not luxury. It is a necessity for everyday life. Look for a morning at the Queen Victoria Market, where you’ll find hundreds of vendors. You can also sample the freshest and most delicious local produce. See for yourself how Melbourne people treat food seriously and with care. The taste of Melbourne’s cuisine is to tease everyone’s taste buds. I am also grateful to the new immigrants in Melbourne. Step into the Immigration Museum. Spy on the lives of these immigrants and see how they shape Melbourne’s culture. Afterwards, you can also visit famous food streets such as Lygon Street and Acland Street. Taste new immigrants to introduce food to Australia.

There are many dessert shops on Aklan Street. Not far away is the Luna Park. Located on the shores of Melbourne Bay, the amusement park has brought a lot of fun to a large number of visitors since its opening in 1912. Remember to wait for the dessert to be digested. Then sit on the world’s oldest roller coaster! Go south from St Kilda along the boardwalk. You will see a true masterpiece of Melbourne’s architecture – Rainbow Boxes on Brighton Beach. Rows of huts have been registered as cultural heritage. When you travel to Australia and New Zealand, you must take a photo here.

Whether it’s a distinctive exhibit in the Melbourne Museum, Or a spectacular exhibition in the aquarium, Or a simple life experience, Melbourne has the magic of stone and gold. Welcome to Melbourne, This stylish, passionate and trend-setting city.

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