Los Cabos is located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Lower California Peninsula It takes two hours to fly from Los Angeles by plane. There are two towns in the district Named Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Cabo Los Cabos is located on the sea coast of Cortez The deep blue water of the Pacific junction is full of nature legends Desert dust and breeze blowing here Created a special charm and year-round sunshine Cool waters and stunning views Has attracted many tourists You can start your journey from San Jose, in the east.

Slow down in a colonial town San Jose Capo street food sizzles, full of flavors and flavors And the Spanish rhythm makes people calm. Let you experience the Mexican flavor when you walk around the decorated alleys Like Pinata filled with toys and sweets The town is surrounded by street art and art galleries. Creative style scattered across parks, alleys and restaurants Walk to the sparkling sea You will understand why so many tourists come to Los Cabos for a pilgrimage. The shaded cabins at Hotelera Beach are lined with There are also several relaxing beach bars May wish to visit the Wirikuta Garden Admire the distinctive desert plants Thrive in hot weather sometimes Carnival festival illuminates this mysterious garden at sunset And the celebration usually lasts until the early hours of the morning. It takes only 30 minutes by car to reach another town The coastline connecting Los Cabos is known as the “Tourist Corridor” Famous for seaside resorts and secluded bays Along the Palmilla Beach Let the dawn of the sunrise wash the soul Whether hanging on the shore or boating on the water The morning atmosphere will make you feel refreshed Follow the breeze with sea water in the west to the beaches of Chile and Santa Maria.

No matter which tourist corridor you choose Will find cool water Relieve the heat of the desert sun Arriving at Cabo San Lucas I will soon notice the difference between the two towns. San Jose Cabo is a quiet haven And Cabo San Lucas is like a wild sister. This party town is comparable to Cancun. It is a good place for a holiday on a spring holiday. Of course, Cabo San Lucas is not just a party paradise in Southern California. More countless food, exciting activities And a more magnificent coastline The most famous is Medano Beach No tranquility like other beaches in Cabo But it is a place to participate in various activities.

Take a water bike, canoe or stand-up paddle board to the water Or order a cocktail and then bargain with a passionate hawker Dusk is coming The beach party contrasted the bright beach and spread to the street. At night, San Jose Cabo is still vibrant Bars and clubs will be seen every turn The task now, of course, is to enjoy happy hours. As early as tomorrow, I finally have the energy to get up. Enjoy a hearty Cappa breakfast for a refreshing The things that were stimulated at that time were no longer afraid! Start all terrain vehicle Dust between the dunes crossing the Migriño beach Migriño Beach is only 30 minutes drive north of the town. If you still feel a little tired, don’t worry There are also some activities for people who like to live slowly. Just inside the city Set sail to the southernmost part of Southern California Arrived at the jagged sea otter named Land’s End Explore the dreamy underwater world with a diving mask on Love Beach Cross the rugged canyon to reach the “divorce beach” Watching the raging Pacific Ocean violently hit the beach Then look at the historic site El Arco, which has been going through 30 million years.

Marvel at the symbol of this Cabo It will be at night You can sit in the cliff restaurant across the bay. Take the best place to eat in the south of California Sunset Xishan watching the sunset lightly Until the last golden yellow light of Cabo San Lucas brightens the sea The desert and marine geology here is like art. Cafes, bars and restaurants are carefree Make this a holiday destination away from everyday life Traveling to Los Cabos is like walking to the end of the earth Come to a place full of charm and fun

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