Honolulu is located on Oahu Island in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. This is a Polynesian island. She is the capital of Hawaii, the 50th state in the United States, and the shortest in history. Honolulu is full of tropical flavors, waves and shores, and the climate is warm and pleasant. The largest city in Hawaii, It combines nature, culture, sports and shopping. Honolulu is also a city full of history. In the center is the only palace in the United States.

Pearl Harbor is also within easy reach. You can go to the Bishop Museum to learn about the story of the Polynesian Voyager. As long as Captain Cook was in Hawaii in 1778, they had settled here. Native Hawaiian and first Europeans They are all shocked by the unique shape of Diamond Head Mountain. This volcano is still a popular tourist attraction. Hawaiians call this volcano “Lēʻahi”. It can be seen in every corner of Honolulu. Reminiscent of Hawaii’s islands is formed by multiple volcanic eruptions. Climb the trail to the edge, Condescending overlooking the island and the stunning coastline. Boarding Aloha Tower Admire the prosperity of modern Honolulu. This is a city where local residents are rushing. Visitors come to the beach and water sports. Honolulu means “safe haven”. Suitable for swimming and surfing all year round And sailed to the sea.

The Ala Moana Beach Park is relatively quiet compared to the popular Waikiki. You can lie leisurely on the beach, if you want to have an activity, You can also take a skating class or rent a canoe to see the scenery of the bay. And the shopping avenue can satisfy all your desires, from high fashion. To the fancy local costumes, it’s amazing. You must not miss the city centre Statue of Kamiha Miha I, It was this fearless warrior who unified the islands of Hawaii at the end of the 18th century. Come to the Orani Palace to admire the American Florence architecture. Also visit the barracks.

You can try Japanese cuisine for lunch. There are many Asian Americans living in Hawaii. Influenced the cuisine and culture of Hawaii. You may wish to visit the Capio Lani Park. The park is home to ancient eucalyptus trees and a fascinating coast. It is also home to the historic Honolulu Zoo. It is recommended that you bring your child here to see elephants and exotic birds.

Remember to reserve a day to visit Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941, the US Pacific ship was attacked by air. Its remaining troops are still in Pearl Harbor today. Come to the US Navy Arizona Battleship Memorial to pay tribute. Also visit the Aviation Museum to see the Missouri Battleship. Japan has signed and surrendered here. East of Pearl Harbor is Kayrua Beach, This turquoise warm sea can take you away from the heavy history and wash your heart. Eat a shaved ice to eliminate the heat, this is the Hawaiian ice cream cone. Return to downtown Honolulu to enjoy the sunset. Indulge in Hawaiian dance in this romantic city. If you want to explore other islands in Hawaii, Honolulu is a very convenient transfer station. It is also a tourist destination worth visiting. Come here and experience the true meaning of “Aloha”! It’s definitely more than just the Hawaiian phrase “Hello!” “Aloha” is a cordial greeting and welcome, and also represents love, blessing and even goodbye. Hawaii will definitely meet you again…

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