The Gold Coast of Australia is located in subtropical Queensland. Only a few hours drive from the provincial capital of Brisbane. The Gold Coast is growing rapidly with a population of more than 500,000. The local area has miles of beautiful coastline. And there is a place that is perfect for enjoying the sun. The skyscrapers in the middle of the Gold Coast look like giants on the warm Pacific Ocean. It is full of nature, including incredible beaches. The sea that changes because of the time, there are cold waterfalls and dense forests in the mountains. But at the same time, it is also full of humanity, including the laughter of the family and the vitality of the young. Enjoy the atmosphere of life with everyone! The northern end of the Gold Coast began in the 1850s as a resort. Today, it is still shining and very attractive. This is a must-see destination for the surfers. And it’s also a paradise for stunning resorts, shopping and entertainment. On the Sky-point Observation Deck, you can take in the beaches of the Gold Coast.

The beach is like a 20-mile ribbon, accompanied by sea otters, parks and currents. Going south in Surfers Paradise is Blode Beach, where everyone’s pace is getting slower and slower. As you walk towards the coast, the atmosphere will be more relaxed. Burleigh Heads is home to the stunning National Park and one of Australia’s legendary beaches. In fact, it is easy to understand why this corner is an aboriginal. A place that has been inhabited for thousands of years. Further south is Currumbin, a shrubby beach. Enjoy the waves between the rock of Elephant Rock and Currumbin, or just follow The sparkling sea water relaxes and floats. Go south along the coastline and you will reach the Coolangatta, the southernmost coastal area of ​​the Gold Coast. It is a five minute drive from Gold Coast International Airport to Coolangatta. This is a must for domestic and foreign tourists. Kurangatta has a cool park, a tree-lined beach and a crystal clear river. The best place to travel for a family size. And when the environment is right, the most spectacular waves in Australia are more visible here.

In addition to the paradise coastline, the Gold Coast has a lot of thrills. It is definitely a theme park in Australia. In the Wet ‘n’ Wild water park, surfing and water skiing are enough for you to play all day. At Whitewater World in Dreamworld, be prepared to experience the thrill of sliding in the waterways. Dreamworld is Australia’s largest theme park.

There are more than 40 mobile games for visitors of all ages, as well as the theme of Tiger Island. In the Warner Bros. movie world on the Gold Coast, you can experience the shock of Hollywood movies. Tie your seat belt and get ready to go and experience the most exciting roller coaster in Australia. Then he buckled the safety cable and devoted himself to the aerobatic driving performance of Hollywood. Next to the Australian Outback Spectacular, Try the best jockeys in Australia Prepare a three-course meal for the Jungle Elf. The sea world sings the life of the ocean, which is probably the cutest baby in the ocean. It may also be something that looks strange. In addition to different performances, there are plenty of mobile games for you to enjoy. If you need to relax after playing the game in the theme park, you can go up the hill. It takes only 30 minutes by car from the hinterland to arrive. Mount Tamborine, which is located on the edge of the ancient crater. Here, you can visit the tropical rainforest trails and the pedestrian bridge in the mountains. Later, you can taste local wines in the village of Dan Bailin.

Further south is Springbrook, a national park that is listed as a World Heritage Site. There are ancient forests, mysterious strips and winding waterfalls. This waterfall has existed for many years and is constantly flowing. From here, up to the high cliff, the Gold Coast is like waving to you. Call you back to the beach and return to the thrilling mobile game. I hope that you will return to this brightest resort in Australia.

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