As the capital of Australia, Canberra is located in the snowy mountains of New South Wales A beautiful beach 3 hours drive. The city remembers the past and creates the future. Broad countryside, Relaxed atmosphere and colorful activities. Make Canberra not only become a political capital. As a city planned for a young country just starting out, Many important stories of this country have originated here; These stories have become the reason why Australians are Australians. The heart of the history of Canberra is Griffin Lake. The long-standing competition between Sydney and Melbourne, It means that neither can become the capital. in contrast, In 1911, the government organized an international design competition. A master plan to recruit new cities. The winner was Chicago architect Walter Griffin. Its urban landscape design focuses on the artificial lake, perfect with the terrain Cooperate. To understand the essentials of the plan, you can take a short drive to the city centre. View of Mount Ansley. There is a Congress Triangle on the shores of Lake Griffin.

Interspersed with many important buildings of Australian history . The parliament building is a national symbol. All Australians can recognize it at a glance. Like the city, its planning is the winner of international competition. Although it is the political power center of Australia, The way to receive passengers here is very easy. Seeing history in this tour, Then head to the rooftop lawn to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. The old Parliament building will be seen shortly after walking. The corridor of this admired building condenses some of Australia The most important historical turning point. Walk to the Prime Minister’s office, Its appearance is exactly the same as when the government moved the office in 1988. National Museum of Australia Designed with a puzzle theme, Stack up multiple stories from Australia. Visit Australia’s first locally made car, Horton’s prototype And the great heart of Fayana, This horse has inspired the imagination of the entire country. In the history of Australia, Only a few people have inspired the country to imagine, Such as the notorious fugitive Ned Kelly.

Visit the National Gallery of Australia Sydney Nolan’s thief series exhibited. But to understand the essence of this land, Can appreciate it with your heart A masterpiece of important domestic artists. Go to the National Portrait Gallery and enjoy Australia each field Portrait of a famous predecessor. Such as the genius partner behind the international fashion group Sass & Bide, Andy Thomas, and even Australia’s most famous astronaut, These portraits are all about colorful stories. More exciting stories at the National Library. For example, Captain Cook’s diary manuscript tells the history of his first trip to Australia. In 1770, Cook announced the listing of the mainland in the southern hemisphere as British territory. Open the way for Europe to enter Australia. About 100 years later, the Australian Commonwealth was formally established.

The Australian National Archives will be shown at certain times of the year. A constitutional manuscript signed by Queen Victoria. In this story-filled city, the most influential historical sites may be The Australian War Memorial, this is the courage and sacrifice of this young country. A sign to guard the will of the distant allies. Immerse yourself in the experience of war through the seamless integration of technology and story. Wall-sized touch screen and loopback sound, The heroic deeds that set Australia’s international status are here. Watch the landing ship penetrated by bullets from the Battle of Gallipoli. This battle is the legend of the birth of the ANZ Army Day. Experience the thrill of bombing Berlin and watch during World War II The prototype of the Lancaster bomber G for George. Standing in front of the pool of eternal fire and reflection, Looking at the list of deaths, A painful reflection on the tragedy of war. As an emerging city, Canberra sincerely remembers the country’s past, It also constantly creates stories of innovation. In the suburbs of Braden, You can find creative buildings, Influx of coffee rooms and micro-brewery.

For those who carry children, Canberra also provides special care. Enter the National Dinosaur Museum to travel through time and space. Witness the animals that lived on Earth 150 million years ago. Many national histories have been printed on the Australian currency. Visit the Royal Australian Mint to learn about the founding sites of coins for the past 50 years. The country’s future inventors can spend a day here.

Enjoy Questacon (National Science and Technology Center) Interactive display of the fun of the exhibition. When Griffin planned the city, Incorporating many natural elements to showcase the changes in Canberra’s four seasons Magnificent botanical landscape. In the autumn, you can enjoy the city grass on the telecom tower observation deck. The scenery of red and orange blooms in full bloom. In the spring, the city celebrates the flower festival. This iconic festival has been held for more than 30 years. Canberra’s climate is ideal for growing grapes. There are over 30 fine wine cellars around the city. Sigh a glass of red wine and admire this land of concentrated Australian essence. In 1913, when the Australian Governor stood in a dusty inspection field And when the name of the new capital is announced, He told the whole country that the city will have a great future. After 100 years, this vision has been achieved. The city continues in the great chapter of preserving Australian history.

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