Bangkok is located in the center of Thailand. In the area of ​​the Chao Phraya River Delta. Bangkok in the 15th century was just a small trading post. Now the capital of Thailand is home to 8 million people. And the power center of finance and politics in Southeast Asia. Bangkok in the tropics is one of the most humid places in the world; It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

In response to culture, attractions, Diet, shopping, and currency to evaluate, Bangkok continues to win the title of the world’s best tourist city. Bangkok is a kaleidoscope with a strong contrast. Can attract and stimulate your senses at the same time! Also because of the new and old in the city, The contrast between vitality and tranquility attracts visitors to come back for sightseeing. Bangkok is also known as “Krung Thep”, which means the city of angels. The first time visitors come in this wet and messy metropolis, I will guess where the angel is. But the angels are indeed here,…look at the attitude of the popular Wenwen, You will begin to understand what it means.

In the center of the city, there are rivers and canals. Take a long tail cruise, Feel the city on the cool waters. Then go ashore and visit one of the many temples along the river. One of the most important places is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, which is the place where the reclining Buddha lives. Remember to pay attention to the feet of the Buddha statue. There are 108 mother-of-pearl inlaid on it, which symbolizes the Buddha. You can also put coins into 108 copper bowls. Pray for the blessing and luck of the gods. Thai people pay attention to the details, you can feel it in the temple, This attitude is also spread throughout the daily life of Bangkok people. Every year during the Lantern Festival, Thai people will get together, Make an exquisite decoration offering for the water god. Letting go of these sacrifices represents the release Inner anger and negative thoughts.

This may be the reason why the locals in Bangkok are calm and gentle. Even if the water level occasionally rises during the monsoon and causes flooding! Thailand is a country that values ​​tradition. Even the simplest movements are done in a skillful and elegant way. Especially the art of cooking. There are over 50,000 restaurants in Bangkok. From five-star to stylish restaurants are all-inclusive. Even if you are a gourmet, You can find a gourmet paradise on the streets of Bangkok. Many tourists come to Bangkok for street food. …and the price is very affordable! Some tourists come here to eat, others are shopping. Sometimes the whole city seems to be a huge street market. From cloth to spices, handicrafts to clothing, Bangkok is a paradise for shopaholics. Thai people often think of “Sanuk”, and this word is fun. The nightlife in Thailand is full of legends. To enjoy an unforgettable evening, head to Khao San Road. For more than 20 years, Khao San Road has been the main concentration of backpackers; This is a great place to get tourist information.

It is also the best place to interact with travelers from all over the world. Although Bangkok itself is the place to go, But there are other precious sights outside the city. Take an hour to go north, It is the capital of Thailand, the ancient capital of Ayutthaya. Rent a bicycle and you can explore the whole day. Urban heritage group. I want to experience a different experience, You can go south Explore the local nightlife at the seaside resort of Pattaya. From the best beaches, islands, forests in the world And culturally concentrated to Bangkok, just take a short flight. But don’t just stay in the city for a short stay or even pass by.

You should feel like a local angel and feel the things of Bangkok.

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